RAAM21 is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Every day, 43 parents are told their child has Cancer.  

While many children survive, the treatment options are harsh and outdated. The long-term effects of current therapies can create severe, life-threatening complications.  This is the driving force behind why we started our non-profit organization, RAAM 21, to help fund childhood cancer research. 
Research requires money, and I can’t think of a more exhilarating way to raise funds 
than the Race Across America.

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My second chance - “A perfectionist’s happiness found at the glance of another chance.”

Hi, I’m Marc Julien, a grateful cancer survivor and the team
principal of RAAM21 - Race Across America 2021. Before cancer my life was blinded by ambition.
I was a successful real estate developer and custom home builder, and had just become a dad for the first time. I was living life to the fullest until the unexpected life
shattering news came.

“I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer in my tonsil and lymphnoid.”

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you... 

No gradual decent from the high of becoming a dad. I was in an emotional free-fall. My thoughts were immediately consumed with dying and of leaving my family and friends behind. What will happen to my wife, my daughter, and my business.
I initiated ‘protection mode,’ intending to hide my diagnosis and mitigate damage to my business. 

I created lists of videos I would shoot for each of my daughter Ella’s milestones. Her first steps, first day of school, tips on how to ride a bike, first love, heartbreak, and marriage. And I repeatedly imagined Ella and my wife Cortney watching the videos and hearing me say “I wish I could be there; I love you”. News that you have cancer can only be met with utter devastation.

The next four weeks were a blur as we assembled a team of doctors and we began to learn about cancer and its physical, emotional, and psychological impacts.

My goal was to prepare for the worst.

After digesting all the medical information from my Radiologist, I realized that I was in trouble. My world came crashing down; I was scared. Cancer forced me to accept that what lay ahead was a whole lot of unknown, and that I had to relinquish total control to the doctors.
My plan was focused on how to ensure my business would run smoothly without me, and how to easily lay down the news to my family, friends, and employees.

Although I realized that the road ahead would be worse than I could even imagine, it was actually a release. It had me focus on how to preserve my business, how to let people into my situation, how to handle my relationship with my wife, and forced me to get up close with my financial situation.
I had to ask my mom to help ensure that my newborn daughter would receive the love and care she needed if I was not going to be there. My employees and I developed a game plan to relieve me of many of the daily responsibilities that I was currently undertaking. I realized just how spectacular the people around me are and how much they truly care. After that, I sold off all my toys to cut my monthly costs and started to rent out my warehouse.
Death was not an option. I would hand over control to the doctors to cure me and never give in to the disease. There are no words to express the level of pain and discomfort I experienced during treatment. 

My daughter, Ella, was my joy, and Cortney was my rock. 

They are what got me through the long and dark tunnel of Stage 4 Cancer treatment.  

Then a miracle happened!

The beginning of my appreciation of what a second chance at life feels like. I beat my Stage 4 Cancer! Getting sick changed my life in so many positive ways.

My view on “more, bigger and better” now means “more” love, achieve “bigger” goals, and leave the world a “better” place. Cancer treatment crushed my body and it energized my mind. Through that tough process, I have come to realize just how spectacular life is.
Cancer has made me selfish for everything money cannot buy. Memories, time, laughs, tears, looks, moments, Cortney’s southern accent and the way she looks at me with her gorgeous eyes, Ella’s soft grip on my finger while she drinks a bottle, Facetiming with my mom and giving my brothers a hug hello to mention a few. Such simple and enormously powerful moments that only now I can see and feel.
To get through the hundreds of needles, dozens of radiation treatments, and the 7-hour chemo sessions, I repeatedly promised myself that once I was healthy, I was going to challenge myself to achieve something totally out of the box. 

Yes, that is why I am so excited to share this with you,
so that you can help too!

Eight Men, One Mission, Beat Cancer!

“RAAM21 - Gear Up for Cancer”

We did not want to stop there, so we created

“RAAM21 - Gear Up for Cancer”

a fundraiser with one intention…to SAVE THE LIVES OF CHILDREN.

Meet the Team RAAM 21 Race Across America

Our goal is to raise money for the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation
and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Children's Initiative.

RAAM21 is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

I want to send a message that it’s not okay to lose our children, our spouses, our parents, and our friends. 

I want to say thank you—to show everyone involved in TNT that the people for whom they race are real. I’m one of them. And because of TNT I’m not just a leukemia survivor anymore. I’m an athlete once again.

What if I could help cure cancer? I’m not a doctor by training. But I am determined. I’m motivated to pay it forward.

To raise money for all those who do not have the treatment options available
to survive.

Cancer impacting my family got me very
passionate about fundraising. I race to raise money and awareness.

I love riding bikes, but even more important, I can be a part of the fight to stop this
devastating disease.


I race in honor of those with cancer regardless of the outcome. I race so that during the journey of life many will have more time, and with that time they can endure with a smile.


 To be able to be a part of RAAM21 is a dream come true and to be able to do that while raising money for cancer is a win/win in my book.

"2021 Race Across America"
 Starts In:

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“RAAM21”- Gear Up for Cancer

“RAAM21” is a platform to give back, feel good,
and receive something to improve your health in return! 

100% of Donations Will Go Directly To

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation
The Leukemia and Lymphoma
Children’s Initiative: Childhood Treatment Program

Donate Now for Life Saving Cancer Research!  

"RAAM21 - Gear Up for Cancer" holds the key to hope and health. 

"RAAM21 - Gear Up for Cancer"
makes it simple for you to:

Honor someone you know by
having their name added to
our uniforms.  
Acquire knowledge about the
training, health, and nutrition
needed to help you sustain
a healthy life.
Witness the physical
transformation of the racers
as they prepare for the race
in June 2021.
 Implement a new health
initiative into your life with
the gift you receive from
your donation.


of pediatric
cancers are
blood cancers.



of chilhood cancer survivors
develop one or more chronic
health conditions as a result
of their treatment.

In the last 40 years, only 


oncology drugs
have been approved for
first use in children.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With A Donation To The 

"RAAM21 - Gear Up for Cancer" Fundraiser  

  • Direct Donation to Cancer Research

The desire to save lives meets its purpose. Feel good about taking action to help fund cancer research, be part of the cure for cancer, and give hope to those who will be faced with this deadly illness.  321 Project Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all donations made to RAAM21 are tax deductible.

Your donation will directly impact the lives of children fighting Cancer.

    Join Our Support Team

Your chance to be a part of something life changing. You get to join our team of like-minded people  who are dedicated to helping children fight cancer.

Make A Donation Today and Save Lives Tomorrow!

It could be yours or that of your loved ones.

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30 minute consultation with George 




LYT Yoga
6 week membership


If you want to make an impact with you
donation to PEDIATRIC Cancer Research, then
RAAM21- Gear Up for Cancer 
is the solution you've been looking for.

Get involved today!

Thank you for reading about our mission to beat cancer and
thanks for donating to help develop new protocols to lessen
the impact of Leukemia treatments on children.

- Marc Julien -

Live Large, Achieve Big, and Love Life!

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